Washroom Products

We specialise in supplying high-quality and professional-standard cleaning products to professional and contract cleaners across a range of industries from healthcare and education to offices and professional environments.

Hygiene and bathroom dispensers

Our hygiene and washroom supplies include air care, soap and paper towel dispensers from top brands such as Tork, Leonardo, Lotus and Katrin as well as non-branded dispensers and hand dryers. Choose from a range of styles, colours and sizes to suit your needs.

Consumable washroom supplies

From paper towels compatible with our extensive range of dispensers to skincare including soaps, shower gels and moisturisers from top brands such as Kleenex, Cussons, Gojo, K.C., Leonardo and Lotus to non-branded skincare options.  Check out the ranges below.

Bathroom cleaning products

Maintain the highest professional standard of cleanliness with our range of chemical bathroom cleaners from air care, urinal blocks and disinfectants, drain and surface cleaners from reliable, professional brands.

Washroom Products