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Best Ways to Clean an Office

Best Ways to Clean an Office

How to clean effectively in the kitchen and prevent harmful bacteria from spreading onto food

Effective cleaning removes bacteria on hands, equipment, and surfaces, helping stop harmful bacteria and viruses from spreading onto food.

How to purify the air in your home (15 practical tips)

We often make the mistake of thinking that the air inside our home is the cleanest, but, thats far from the truth. Many things can alter the quality of our indoor air, such as cooking, smoking and even cleaning.

How To Keep Your Classroom Hygiene Levels High


VETS - Disinfection Protocols: A Clean Start

This is the perfect time to review your disinfection protocols in your veterinary practice.

World Hand Hygiene Day!

Seconds Save Lives - Clean Your Hands!

World Health Organization World Hand Hygiene Day!

"Handwashing is a simple but effective way to prevent the spread of #COVID19 & many other diseases, keeping ourselves and those around us healthy. Yet, nearly 3 billion people lack soap & water at home.

Wednesday's World #HandHygiene Day is a reminder that clean hands save lives, and an opportunity to mobilize action for access to hand hygiene for all."

World Health Organization explains how you can help:

Let us help you protect your people, products, and facilities.

Be clean and kill COVID-19.

#cleanyourhands #handhygiene #worldhealthorganization #worldhandhygieneday

Premises Cleanliness

Whether you're a restaurant, cafe, hotel, shop, convenience store, supermarket, and more - cleanliness is vital if you want customers to repeat their purchases with you.

Colour Coded Cleaning

Colour-coding can be a complex subject and, with the exception of the healthcare industry, no national or international compulsory standards exist in the cleaning industry.

To help overcome this problem, the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) developed a universal colour code which would be recommened for use for the cleaning industry: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.

Powder-Free vs Powdered Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are often a popular choice for the food industry. These disposable gloves are often less durable and are the least expensive option for situations where flexibility and ease of use is required and durability is not quite as important. Budget friendly and useful in many different industries it’s no wonder they’re so popular.

Face Masks

In line with the current mandatory face masks rules in the UK, we are doing our best to help you protect your employees and your business. 

COVID-19 Testing

Covid-19 Testing ready to go when you need to know.

Antiviral Products

As we progress through this new year, we are working hard with our suppliers to expand our Antiviral range for our customers.

New Staff Members, Here to Help

Once again, Advance are undergoing exciting changes at the moment and our team is expanding! Please welcome:

Our Sales Team is Growing

We are pleased to welcome Natasha Strutt at Advance Supplies.

Fresh image for our Company Website

We’re excited to announce that our new and refreshed website is live. The updated site includes a complete change to the navigation, with dropdown menus for both mobile and desktop versions. We’ve also added some great features including loyalty points and manager approval for orders. You can check out our FAQ page here to view any general questions you may have on these two exciting features! There’s a whole host of smaller but impactful changes, all to make your experience of the Advance Supplies site that much better for you.

Best cleaning products for your School or Nursery

Schools and nurseries are packed full of children day in day out which means there is a risk of germs and sickness bugs being spread from one student to another, a very common occurrence amongst young children.

Hand Hygiene Film Scrubs Up Well

Hand hygiene is a topic of concern for many health care professionals and new ways of spreading the message of good practice are always welcome. During a film festival in the United States, a movie that focuses on impeccable hand hygiene practice won the top award. Held in California, the fourth annual Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) film festival had a series of movies shown, depicting a wide range of health care hygiene scenarios. The movie about hand hygiene won first prize after it was voted to be the best by a judging panel.

Essential Cleaning Equipment for the Catering Industry

One of the most important factors to the success of any catering establishment is its cleanliness. No customer would want to dine in a dirty restaurant as they will associate it with the quality of the food. Making the right impression is crucial in any business, not just for customers, but for your own reputation as well.

Commercial Soap Dispensers

Soap dispensers are not just useful for washing hands but also for keeping basin areas clean and hygienic. Liquid soap is the most common form of soap found in commercial buildings such as restaurants and hotels as it is easily refillable.

The Situation is improving for Animal MRSA Sufferers

The situation is looking up for organisations which work towards increasing awareness and help to prevent the spread of practice-acquired viruses in veterinary clinics around the UK. The most prominent issue currently being discussed is that of the staphylococci infections.

Enjoy tastier chicken by not washing it

Studies have shown that the act of washing chicken actually spreads bacteria around the kitchen in an aerosol of water droplets, a bit like a sneeze. So an urgent message has gone out to households to stop washing chicken before it is cooked; but these recent recommendations to not rinse before cooking can actually mean tastier chicken on your plate.

Essential cleaning equipment for the Veterinary industry


An Essential Guide to a Cleaner School

It is vital that a school follows proper hygiene procedures. A modern school should be clean and safe for staff and pupils at all times. Each school is a potential breeding ground for a wide range of germs and bacteria. As a result various types of illnesses can spread quickly.

Creating a Cleaning Schedule: A Simple Guide


Ensuring Your Business meets Health & Safety Guidelines

Maintaining high hygiene standards in a restaurant is not an option; it's a necessity. A clean premises should be the most important consideration for owners, managers and every member of staff. If your business does not have high hygiene standards there can be many repercussions in the future. It's the fastest way to destroy this type of business and can even have a negative impact on your customer’s health.

How to Ensure Good Food Hygiene

Food hygiene is essential in ensuring that you food you are eating is safe. Taking the proper measures to make sure you are practicing good food hygiene is not hard to implement to your preparation routine. There are four basic areas that need to be looked at in order to make food safely; chilling, cleaning, cross-contamination and cooking.

Public access to EFSA food database

Ever wondered exactly how food-borne outbreaks occur and enter the food chain, and if it could have been prevented? With access to the EFSA's food database, whether it was poor food hygiene, or an infected animal, we can all find out.

Veterinary Hygiene - Keep Hygiene in Mind when Handling Pets

A recent story in The Telegraph warned pet owners of potential dangers faced from disease and rising antibiotic resistance passed on from cats and dogs. Public Health officials have expressed concerns that rising use of antibiotics to treat pets is causing the spread of drug-resistant bacteria, like MRSA and E-coli. It's easy for these bacteria to pass between pets and humans and one in three healthy, pet dogs tested were discovered to have some form of bacteria.

Hospitality Hygiene

The need for appropriate hygiene procedures is a matter of great significance to all hospitality establishments. To neglect basic hygiene as well as safe food handling procedures allows food to get contaminated posing a health risk to the customers who consume such food. It not only affects the business viability and reputation, but also becomes a concern to general public safety and health.

Important Steps to Attaining Good Food Hygiene

Food hygiene is of utmost importance. Ensuring a quality dining experience that results in no illness or unwanted surprise to those eating is essential. There are many steps that can be taken to prevent this and there are also many products to help you.

Hospitality Hygiene Guide

If hospitality is your business, you will appreciate the importance in offering your clients a safe, trustworthy service they can rely on. Maintaining values such as these builds your reputation within your client base, so careful consideration must be given to those you rely on for supplies you can trust.

Clean School Guide

When education is on the table, hygiene is not among the main talking points, but it is supremely important for maintaining a healthy, nurturing study environment. While many schools throughout the UK keep high standards of cleanliness, there are also a few prominent bad apples to remind us hygiene is an essential part of education. Here is a thorough guide to help keep your school on track with the latest and best when it comes to cleaning supplies and equipment.

Your Washroom Guide

For businesses in the retail and hospitality sectors, maintaining good

Free Tool Announced for Maintaining a Clean Veterinary Practice

A charity has launched a free tool for maintaining standards in the veterinary practice. The Bella Moss Foundation (BMF) promotes veterinary hygiene, and their new audit tool aims to help practices carry out room-to-room assessments of hygiene on a regular basis.

New Hygiene Initiative for Exotic Pet Owners

Veterinary clinics will be reassured by a new initiative which has recently been released by the Emergent Disease Foundation based in Kent. Information leaflets which highlight the measures that exotic pet owners can take to keep themselves and their pets safe will be issued to clinics, pet stores and other appropriate venues. The guidance detailed in the leaflets is based on independent scientific and medical information that has been published in peer-reviewed journals.

How to Ensure Good Food Hygiene

Food hygiene is essential in ensuring that you food you are eating is safe. Taking the proper measures to make sure you are practicing good food hygiene is not hard to implement to your preparation routine. There are four basic areas that need to be looked at in order to make food safely; chilling, cleaning, cross-contamination and cooking.

Your Food Hygiene Guide

The evolution of food hygiene awareness is something most adults take for granted. As a generation, we do not realise that it wasn't so long ago that people thought it was perfectly acceptable to store meat in the garden, and then wondered why they suffered from varying stomach complaints.

Your Hospitality Hygiene Guide

Whilst hygiene and cleanliness are always very important factors in many areas of business, they are even more crucial in the hospitality industry.


We are working hard with various suppliers and manufacturers across the globe to provide our customers with high quality services and products. Our wide range of cleaning supplies, medical supplies, industrial supplies and more helps us reach out to all businesses of any size. Our large collection of well known and local brands provides reassurance to our customers, knowing that we are a business you can trust with brands you love.