Nursing and Care Home Supplies and Equipment

At Advance Supplies, we have over 30 years’ experience supplying nursing and care homes across the UK with essential medical equipment and supplies.

As a family business, we know our customers and we work with you to give you a tailored service for providing your medical supplies and equipment to cleaning supplies and with our easy ordering system we can deliver what you need exactly when you need it.

Care home medical supplies

We specialise in supplying medical supplies and equipment to care homes, nursing homes and doctor surgeries across the UK. Our wide range of medical equipment and consumable medical supplies include top branded products as well as non-branded options.

Essential medical supplies such as bandages, disposable gloves, skincare products and workwear for your team of medical professionals can all be ordered with our easy-ordering systems which allow you to keep track of your orders and product use so you can easily manage your budgets and recurring orders.

Nursing home medical equipment

As well as consumables, we specialise in providing nursing and care homes with reliable medical equipment from furniture such as examination beds and trolleys to blood pressure monitors, thermometers and surgical instruments.

Care home hygiene and cleaning supplies

Alongside our medical supplies and equipment, our range of hygiene and cleaning supplies for nursing and care homes offer top branded cleaning products, dispensers and consumables as well as non-branded options. Our wide range of professional-standard cleaning chemicals, disinfectants, paper towel dispensers and soaps and shower gels offers you the opportunity to order all necessary supplies from the same place at the same time.

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